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Individual Record for: Stuart M. Blumin (male)

    Harry Blumin+
  Harry Blumin      Family Record
Stuart M. Blumin      Family Record Stella Tante
  Faye Silverman       

Spouse Children
Deborah x
  (Family Record)

Event Date Details
Birth 29 MAR 1940 Place: Miami Beach, Florida

Attribute Details
Occupation Professor, Director of Cornell-in-Washington Program
Len Blumin
<p>Stuart married Deborah, and they adopted at least one child. Office: 321 McGraw Hall Phone: (607) 255-3359 Fax: (607) 255-0469 E-Mail: smb5@cornell.edu Education: Ph.D University of Pennsylvania, 1968 M.A. University of Pennsylvania, 1963 B.S. University of Pennsylvania, 1962 <p> http://www.arts.cornell.edu/history/faculty/blumin.asp <P>Recent Publications, Books <P>Rude Republic: Americnas and Their Politics in the Nineteenth Century (with Glenn C. Altschuler) (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2000). <P>Articles <P> Social Class," in Paul S. Boyer, ed., The Oxford Companion to United States History (Oxford, 2001) 723-5. <P> The Social Implications of American Economic Development," in Stanley F. Engerman and Robert C. Gallman, eds. The Cambridge Economic History of the United States, vol. 2, (Cambridge, 2000). <P> The City," in Mary Kupiec Cayton and Peter W. Williams, eds., Encyclopedia of American Cultural and Intellectual History, vol. 2 (New York, 2001), 443-51. <P>"The Civil 'World We Have Lost': Reflections on the First Generations of Democratic Self-Rule in America," Communication Review 4 (2000), 21-37. <P>"Social Class," in Carol Kammen and Norma Prendergast, eds., Encyclopedia of Local History (Walnut Creek, 2000), 409-11. <P>"Middle Class in Cities," in Neil Larry Shumsky, ed., Encyclopedia of Urban American: The Cities and Suburbs (Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 1998), 461-3. <P>"'Where is the Real America?': Politics and Popular Consciousness in the Antebellum Era," (with Glenn C. Altschuler) American Quarterly 49 (1997), 225-67. <P>"Limits of Political Engagement in Antebellum America: A New Look at the Golden Age of Participatory Democracy (with Glenn Altschuler) Journal of American History 84 (1997), 225-58. <P>"Politics, Society, and the Narrative of American Democracy," (with Glenn C. Altshuler) Journal of American History 84 (1997), 904-9.

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