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Individual Record for: Harry Blumin (male)

    Abraham Blumin+
  Harry Blumin      Family Record
Harry Blumin      Family Record Sylvia Goldstein+
  Stella Tante       

Spouse Children
Faye Silverman
  (Family Record)
Howard Blumin
Stuart M. Blumin

Event Date Details
Birth ABT 1902 Place: Russia
Death INT (1988?)  
Len Blumin
<P>Lillian, Harry and Arthur were born in Russia, Abe, Sam, Evelyn and Dorothy were born in the US. <P>Harry Blumin was also the name of the oldest son, but as you know the sons sometimes took names that were different from the given name, which may not have been Harry, which would explain the puzzle about using the name in successive generations. (Perhaps he did this to honor his dad). Year of birth is an "estimate"

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