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Individual Record for: Abraham Blumin (male)

    Abraham Blumin+
  Harry Blumin      Family Record
Abraham Blumin      Family Record Sylvia Goldstein+
  Stella Tante       

Spouse Children
Bess Molinoff
  (Family Record)
Stanley Blumin
Ellen Sue Blumin

Event Date Details
Birth 1 DEC 1908 Place: New York City, NY
Death 2 JAN 1954
Ellen Sue Blumin Osman
corrected by Ellen Sue
arteriorsclerosis was cause of death. <p>From Len Blumin: Abraham (?) married a lady named Bess. They had 2 children. Stanley (c.1937), who had several children (and wives), and Ellen Sue (c.1943), who married Marty Osman. The have at least 2 children and 6 grandchildren, probably more.

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