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Individual Record for: Lester Baker (male)

    Jacob-Moshe Baker+
  Sidney Baker      Family Record
Lester Baker      Family Record Leah Esther Blumin+
Simon Blumin+
  Rose Blumin      Family Record
    Dora Finegold+

Spouse Children
Liesel Gutman
  (Family Record)
Deborah Ann Baker
Herbert Philip Baker

Event Date Details
Birth 30 JUN 1930 Place: Staten Island, NY
Death 17 SEP 2000 Place: Philadelphia, PA
Burial   Place: Lansdowne, PA
He had prostatic cancer and a prostatectomy. Diagnosed 6 months after David Baker died from the same cause. Adenocarcinoma of the lung.


SSN: 085-22-7358

Last Residence: 19143 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Born: 30 Jun 1930

Last Benefit:

Died:17 Sep 2000

State (Year) SSN issued:

NY (Before 1951 )

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