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Individual Record for: Howard Baker (male)

    Jacob-Moshe Baker+
  Sam Baker      Family Record
Howard Baker      Family Record Leah Esther Blumin+
Morris Meyerovitz
  Gertrude Meyerovitz      Family Record
    Alta Grelovitz

Spouse Children
Marjorie Ellen Karasik
  (Family Record)
Stuart Leon Baker
Robert Alan Baker
Michael David Baker

Event Date Details
Birth 31 JUL 1928 Place: Chicago, IL
Death 19 DEC 2001 Place: Skokie, Il
Personal Accountability with Courage and Truth in the way I interact with others
* First... I will have the COURAGE to tell the whole TRUTH
* Second... I will be KIND in the way I tell it
* Third... I will be FAIR and not seek selfish advantage
* Fourth... I will have an OPEN HEART and an OPEN MIND
From: "Howard A. Baker" <habaker@worldnet.att.net>
To: "Michael Baker" <bakerfamilytree@pobox.com>
Subject: family tree
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 22:50:14 -0500

Michael -

After we spoke I mentioned our telephone conversation to my mother, Ruth Baker. She told me that she remembers many, many years ago that your grandfather visited New York with your father, who was quite young at the time, and came to Staten Island. She remembers that she and my father took your grandfather and father to my mother's parents house also on Staten Island for dinner. She remembers that your father was very polite and good looking. See the kinds of nice memories we're "digging up" for people by doing this Reunion thing?

Oh yes, I am attaching the announcement letter, reservation information, personal family information form and the family tree teaser to this e-mail. Hopefully you can get it placed on your site.

All the best,

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