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Individual Record for: Jeanette Fishman (female)

  Martin Fishman       
Jeanette Fishman      Family Record  
Benjamin David Blumin+
  Paula Blumin      Family Record
    Lillian Yanofsky

Event Date Details
Birth 5 JUL 1986 Place: Hungary
Jeanette Fishman (adopted l991 from an orphanage in Hungary)
born July 5, l986 in Hungary.

Jenny was adopted by Paula when she was about 6 years old. She had a difficult time adjusting. She showed talent at the piano and/or violin. It became apparent during her pre-teen or teen years that she had mental problems. She became violent and Paula reluctantly placed her in an institution as her own life was at risk. Paula was an attentive mother, retiring from employment to care for Jenny.
As of 2002, Paula lives near Sherryl and the two sisters visit Jenny whenever they can. It was a real blow to Paula.

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