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Individual Record for: Evelyn Blumin (female)

    Abraham Blumin+
  Harry Blumin      Family Record
Evelyn Blumin      Family Record Sylvia Goldstein+
  Stella Tante       

Spouse Children
Sidney Dembner
  (Family Record)
Marian Dembner
Robert H. Dembner

Event Date Details
Birth 2 OCT 1916 Place: U.S.
Marian Dembner Rosenfeld, loanfaire@nethere.com
DEC 2005 from Marian, "My dad died 2/2/2000, and yes, he did work for Bulova (for 43 years). We moved to Reading, PA, in 1953. <p>My mother is still living . She had a stroke around 1987, but there was no physical damage. As a result, we didn t know she had a stroke until about 2 years later when she began to display more than just a little forgetfulness. <p> Mom lives in a retirement community called Clearbrook. (Mom and Dad moved there around 1990.) I've included Mom s phone number, but it s only for someone who might want to speak with Shirley, her caretaker, as my mother is unable to think, talk, or eat. <p>Caretaker: Shirley, 609-395-9404 <p>Original notes from Len Blumin, "Evelyn married Sid Dembner. I think Evelyn was the youngest. They had 2 children, Marian (c.1949) and Robert (c.1943). Marian had one child (with a learning disability) and Robert had I think 2. He lives in New York. Whereabout of Marian unknown."

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